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Stringing words together to help other people see life through the eyes of another person, helps them to see their own life in a different way.


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Remembering the Pain

This past weekend I sat for two hours in the emergency room rocking myself back and forth. I had the worst earache imaginable. There were moments that I truly thought that I could jump out of my skin. Through it all do you know what I was thinking about? I was saying to myself remember this pain because maybe you can incorporate it into something that you write.
Writing is about pulling our life’s experiences into our written work. Even the worst feelings can be written about. I know the pain I experienced these past few days will never be forgotten and for that reason I should make them remembered. Perhaps one of my characters will suffer from a mind blowing earache and they will have an epiphany in the midst of it that changes who they thought they were. Who has had an experience similiar to this? Did one of your characters end up suffering because of it?

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Okay, I officially joined twitter. I am trying to network myself and hook up with fellow writers and anyone else in the industry. I have to admit I feel flushed almost geeky. I really have no idea what I am doing but I am attempting to do something so that counts right?
Twitter looks fun and seems interesting but how do you socialize without looking like a crazy gawker? Do you introduce yourself? It told me to use a unique name when joining. My hands broke out in a sweat my heart pounded and before I could stop myself I was typing YolaRamunno (name is sentimental) and I hit the okay button. Then it occurred to me that maybe I was supposed to use my real name, that would be the point of networking right?
I need help. Anyone with pointers on twitter please reply.

Come on fellow writers help a mama out! I’ll thank you on twitter:)


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Operation Yes

Today is National Writing Day and I just received some good news. I won a jody call contest over at Sara Lewis Holme’s blog.
Sara is the author of the book Operation Yes by Scholastic books. If you haven’t heard of the book check out her blog to find out more. Operation Yes even has its own blog.

Thank you Sara for the fun contest. I can’t wait to receive the book and start reading.

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I have started my second middle-grade novel and I am excited to step into this world that I have created. Many authors state that their characters become real to them while writing. My characters of my new book are hanging on the sidelines of my mind waving to me, cheering me on. They want to be brought to life and hope that I do them justice.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong with this blog but I don’t think it is getting out there. So, to test it I will ask a question and see if I get any comments.


What characters from any book stayed with you for a long time?


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Another day, another twenty four hours of thinking, “Could this be the day that someone notices me and gives me a shot.”

I am a storyteller with many stories to tell. Writing is a passion for me. Sometimes it is all I could think about. I don’t mind getting rejected as long as in the end I eventually get accepted.

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