I have started my second middle-grade novel and I am excited to step into this world that I have created. Many authors state that their characters become real to them while writing. My characters of my new book are hanging on the sidelines of my mind waving to me, cheering me on. They want to be brought to life and hope that I do them justice.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong with this blog but I don’t think it is getting out there. So, to test it I will ask a question and see if I get any comments.


What characters from any book stayed with you for a long time?


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  1. jllong

    Well hello! You’re not the only one out there. I’m an aspiring children’s author and my blog is brand new. I’m currently working on a picture book and a middle grade novel that I began two years ago in my senior year of college. I may finally finish it if I pursue NaNoWriMo (scary).

    As to your question, children’s book characters always stick out in my mind. I mean, I read other things all the time but, I don’t think I will ever stop being a kid. I love Winnie the Pooh for his kindness. I love Peter Rabbit for his genuine curiosity. I love Dr. Seuss characters simply for their imaginative qualities. The characters that stick with you are the ones with genuine qualities you love to relate to.


  2. Sounds like the new story’s really caught your imagination! It’s a great feeling when you first start writing a story, isn’t it? That’s when it feels the most alive to me.

    One thing you could do to help your blog would be to link it to your other blog. Do you know how to add an RSS widget? It’ll show a summary of your posts and people can click across to read them. Have you thought about joining Twitter as well?

    One character that’s always stayed with me is Matilda. Roald Dahl’s book was one of my favourites growing up and I related to Matilda a lot. Ender from Ender’s Game as well.

    Recently the father and son from The Road have stayed in my mind as well. It’s an incredible book; definitely not something you forget.

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