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Okay, I am feeling good. I just shaped my query letter after banging my head for days and trying to figure out how to make a good one without over talking or sounding too cheesy. I know my first ones were bad and I can appreciate why they were rejected. I am in this to learn as I go and become stronger with each new day.

I am the type of person that has to throw myself into something in order to fully understand or become good at it. You can’t get better without making mistakes. Mistakes are crucial to our growth. Even though, I would love to take back a lot of my silly writing mistakes I know I had to make them in order to see the correct way.

I cut half of the words that I thought I loved and came up with something I know I love.


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On the Hunt

The night I finished my first middle-grade novel will never be forgotten. After years of working, editing, tweaking and perfecting my first novel I was thrilled to say I did it. I wanted to jump out into the waters of the publishing world and hope that someone somewhere would bite at the bait I was dangling.

After two writing courses and lots of constructive criticism I was encouraged to start submitting. My instructor even advised that my novel would probably get picked up quicker than I could imagine. I was psyched that a critically acclaimed author was telling me that my work was good enough to catch someone’s eye. I was hopeful and immediately began sending out queries in hopes of landing an agent. Five rejections later and my hope is diminishing. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a quitter. I will send out a million queries if I have to until I find someone to believe in me. The more rejections, the harder the fight, the sweeter the victory, I have my eyes on the prize and won’t give up until I get it.

I wrote down in my journal-“I must love to write. Why else would I subject myself to constant rejection.”


My question tonight is…

How many times were you rejected before you got good news?

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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