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Dreaming for NaNoWriMo

We have all read about how some authors dream about their books before they write them. Several weeks ago, I dreamt of a character for my second middle-grade novel. I keep a dream journal for situations like this. I have to admit my character is really cool and all I will say is her name is Vanessa and she exudes a light.
Last night, I had another dream. At first I didn’t think much of the dream other than it was strange.I jotted it down but still it lingered in my mind. I wasn’t planning on doing NaNoWriMo this year because I wanted to stay focused on the novel I was currently writing but something about this dream made me rethink that decision. I grabbed my laptop and started typing and before I knew it I was one-thousand words into a new novel that I hadn’t planned on writing. I signed up for NaNoWriMo all because of a dream I dreamt.

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