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Interview with Maribeth Graham

I love reading author’s blogs and learning new things about others who share the same passion for writing as I do. I especially enjoy reading interviews. I don’t have anyone knocking on my door as of yet to ask me for an interview so I thought I would make up my own just in case someone stumbled upon my blog and wanted to know a little bit more about me.

Question: Maribeth, when did you discover that you wanted to become a writer?

Answer: I always loved to write but didn’t realize it was always my passion until my late twenties. A stop at a Halloween tent introduced me to an ugly witch that I happened to fall in love with. I went home and wrote a story about a little girl who sees the glass half empty until she encounters someone whose life is much more difficult than her own. By the end of the story she learns that there are always other people who have it harder. After writing the story the light bulb turned on and I never looked back.

Question: What did you do once you realized that writing was your passion?

Answer: I literally ran out to Walden’s Book Store and purchased books on how to get published.

Question: Then what?

Answer: There was a reference to the Institute of Children’s Literature and the benefits of taking courses on writing. I immediately signed myself up and was amazed to find out how much I didn’t know about the craft of writing.

Question: Did the ICL help you?

Answer: Absolutely, before I took the course I had no idea how to set up a manuscript page or write in a way that would allow the reader to get lost in something that I wrote. Show don’t tell was a valuable lesson I learned. After completing the first course (Writing for Children’s Magazine’s) I took a second course which helped me complete my first middle-grade novel.

Question: What is your Middle-grade novel about?

Answer: About five friends who get into trouble with the school principal and are given a summer assignment that change their lives.

Question: Can you tell some juicy parts?

Answer: I will tell you that my story deals with friendship, death, love, abuse and forgiveness.

Question: Have you attempted to get your story out there. Do you think it will be published?

Answer: I wholeheartedly believe in my story and know eventually the right person will read it and take it to where it is meant to be. I currently have queries out and I am hopeful that someone will be intrigued by the story.

Question: Tell us what else you have done to further your career.

Answer: I have joined critique groups and had the opportunity to have my work looked at by some very talented authors. I have attended Meet the Editors conferences, started a blog and joined Twitter. I am the type of person who constantly educates myself on the craft of writing. I want to be able to say that I have done everything in my power to become the best I could at the craft I love.

Question: Do you write in hopes of becoming rich?

Answer: I remember early on I read that if your motive behind writing is to become rich and famous then chances are you will let yourself down. I think every writer hopes that their work will be discovered and well received. I write because I have to, it is what I was born to do. If I am not writing a major piece of who I am is missing.

Question: What projects are you currently working on?

Answer: I have about five chapters of a new middle-grade novel. It is a fantastical story. I am completely in love with the characters. This year I surprised myself and entered NaNoWriMo after I dreamt of a story that wouldn’t leave my mind. I have over 5000 words so far. I am curious to see where this one takes me.

Question: Is there anything that you would want agents or publishers to know about you?

Answer: Only that I consider myself a genuine person who is dedicated to the craft of writing. I take constructive criticism very well and know that without criticism a person will never grow. A person who cannot take criticism is failing to see the person they could become.  I won’t give up! My patience and perseverance will lead me to the future that I am intended to have.

Question: What if that future isn’t what you are hoping for?

Answer: Sometimes what we are hoping for is something less than we are meant to have. I am an optimist, I see sunshine in my future and if a little rain comes I have no problem getting wet.

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