Daily Archives: November 19, 2009

Write It Out

My favorite part of writing is getting those gooey feelings that rush through your soul when writing an intense scene. I know I am heading in the right direction when those feelings come. For me, it’s like an outer body experience. I am reading my own words but forgetting for a second that I created them. I know it sounds deep and maybe a tad bit strange but I look at it as a separation of self.

I want to enjoy reading what I am writing in the same way I would enjoy someone else’s writings. I want to get lost in my story and anticipate what’s to come.  Writing is like solving a complicated math problem. You have to add, subtract and sometimes carry over thoughts and words until you come up with the answer. Once you know the answer is correct you get that sense of accomplishment that makes you feel like you can tackle another problem.  As long as you’re willing to stay in the game and write it out, your story will end up with the right solution.


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