One of my favorite writing’s by Edgar Allan Poe is the Tell-Tale Heart. I love this story because it has a character that I can never forget. When I am doing character building for a story I think of the man with the vulture eye and then ask myself if my characters will leave a lasting impression or will they be forgotten about in no time.  There are so many things that can make a character interesting, whether it is a specific trait, an unforgettable name or a specific article of clothing. I am the type of person that will remember the story only if I remember the characters in the story.


I’d like to hear your opinions. Who are some of your favorite characters? What did you love about them? What do you remember most about them?




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  1. I tend to remember the protagonist (the other characters fade after awhile but the lead stays with you) and I tend to remember females more than males with a few exceptions. There has to be something about the make-up of the character that catches my attention, either I identify with them, or I feel for them, or I have built some kind of connection with them, and then they stay with me forever.
    Thanks for asking this question as it got me thinking about the characters I like and the ones I write.

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