Way to Go Julie


When I was a young girl, I was overweight. I come from an Italian family so my love for pasta and breads started at an early age. I also loved candy bars, chips, and soda. I was the fat friend.

Being the fat friend was okay with me until the sixth grade. In the sixth grade, the beautiful girls emerged after our school and theirs combined. It was at this time that I noticed they were getting lots of attention from the boys. I wanted to look like them. I wanted to be able to wear a cute pair of jeans with a shirt that wasn’t down to my knees. I wanted to shop in the girly department rather than the husky department but I couldn’t. It bothered me, but not enough to make me want to change my lifestyle.

It wasn’t until I became best friends with the super cute boy that made me want to change my life. I wanted to be thin for him (shallow I know), I also did not want to go through my high-school years heavy. In the tenth grade I decided it was time for change. I started eating healthy, exercising and lost sixty-seven pounds. I have maintained the weight for over twenty years now. After four children, I weigh less than I did in the sixth grade. I am glad I was the fat girl because I couldn’t be who I am today if I wasn’t.

Yesterday, Rachelle Gardner posted a blog ramblings.blogspot.com about Julie Hadden. Julie was a contestant on the Biggest Loser. Her hard work and determination helped her take the weight off and win the battle of the bulge. Rachelle and her girls cheered Julie on throughout the season and she quickly became their one to root for. Ironically after the season ended Rachelle received a query from Julie Hadden (neat, I know) pitching her book Fat Chance: Losing the Weight, Gaining My Worth, and the rest is history. Rachelle is giving away the book for the first 100 people that send her an e-mail.  I can’t wait to read Julie’s story.  Julie’s transformation can help inspire others to do the same. Way to go Julie! I know what a huge accomplishment this is.

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