If a Writer Writes a Book…


If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around does it make a sound? I have been thinking about that question. My answer to it is yes. There has to be something that heard the sound, whether it is an insect, a bird or a random animal scurrying through.

How does this question relate to writing? A writer writes for many reasons, such as It’s my passion, I want to have a book published, I always dreamed of becoming a writer. Whatever the reason the big question is- If a writer writes a book and it never becomes published did the writer write the book?

It is one thing to say you wrote a book but it’s another to say you had a book published. Is it safe to say that most writers don’t feel like they truly wrote a book until they can hold the published copy in their hand?

What are your opinions?

I have written a book . It has not been published as of yet but I still feel like I truly wrote a book. If the manuscript ends up in the casket with me and no one other than a few close friends and relatives read the book I still wrote the book.


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2 responses to “If a Writer Writes a Book…

  1. sandysays1

    One can only speak for ones self. I write because I love it, because it helps me discipline my thoughts, because I want to share my ideas and dreams with others, not because they’re superior, because they are different. Publishing allows this to happen more widely, but if you’re writing for print only I truly believe that it postpones the process. Great writing starts with unique thoughts, not contrived ones. A reader is a thinker and wants to know how your vision is different. Until your soul presses the keyboard, not your desire for fame, this is seldom achieved. http://www.sandysays.wordpress.com

    • Maribeth

      Hi, thanks for commenting. I have to agree with you. I would write no matter what. I would love to get published, I am sure in a small way all writer’s would but if I never did I wouldn’t stop writing.
      I always try to write from the soul. I find it is much more interesting when I do.

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