Do you have a routine?

I often wonder what other writer’s days are like. Do they have a routine that they follow religiously? How do they get blogs done, books written and tweets posted all while still keeping up with other responsibilities?

My day is scattered. I juggle getting three kids out the door for school, a baby fed, and housework completed. After all of that is done, I get to do what I love and that is to write.

It used to be easy to stay up late and catch up with all of my writing duties but lately I have been falling asleep much earlier than I would like. So readers, I am interested, I want to know what your routine’s are. When do you get to write? How do you find time to get it all done? What is something that gets neglected in order for you to follow your dream? What advice do you have for other writer’s?”

I write every day but I could write all day if I had the time.


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3 responses to “Do you have a routine?

  1. Krista Rausin

    Routine? I try hard to stick to writing every morning. For me, I have to know that I have a solid two or three hours of uninterrupted time in order for me to relax enough to focus on writing/editing well. That’s for my novel.

    As far as my blog, I can write an article in an hour and I usually post it right away. My blog is free flow thought to keyboard. It’s fun for me and I seem to have an internal clock that must update it every week.

    What suffers? Housework and home repairs! For instance, it’s 12:00pm now-I’ve been editing all morning, my kids have a half day so they’ll be home soon, my kitchen is a mess and there are piles of laundry on my dresser. Don’t get me started on the dog hair! Keep on Keepin on and know that the housework will eventually get done- That’s what I think anyway.

    • Maribeth

      I’m glad to know someone else leaves the kitchen a mess while they write. I am with you as long as it gets done. I might not do until right before my husband gets home (haha) but still I do it.

  2. Maribeth

    However, the words are all mine.

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