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Interesting or no?

Little things mean so much. Today I woke to find an e-mail from Roz Morris. She is an awesome author with a fantastic blog –Nail Your Novel. She said there was a surprise for me over at her blog and instantly my day became cheerier. Who doesn’t love surprises?

She was given the Sugar Doll Blogger award which required her to list ten random facts about herself. The facts were fun and certainly interesting. She passed on the Sugar Doll Blogger award as well as the Sunshine award to me and eleven others. Now, it is my turn to list ten facts. I am looking to add new blogs to my list. Please feel free to comment and leave info so I can visit your blog. Anyone who comments receives a blog award.

Okay, so I will attempt to make myself sound interesting.

1. Eventually I will become a very famous author but until then I need a day job. I just got hired to be a…
*Lab technician
*Veterinarian’s Assistant
*Craps Dealer in a casino
*Circus Clown
One of these is correct. Which one do you think?

2. I have four children. My first child was named after a song. My second child was named after a book. I simply just loved the name for my third child. 4. My fourth child was born three weeks after my father died so she was named after him.

3. Public Speaking does not intimidate me. With having said that, I would let a stranger read my ms before someone close to me. (I get embarrassed when people I know read what I write)

4. I keep many journals but only four have been named. The names of my journals are Journey, Hope, Destiny and Karma.

5. I love bracelets and rings. The funkier the better.

6. I believe that I was born to be a writer. It is my calling.

7. Many of my dreams have come true in one way or another which is why I must keep a dream journal.

8. I collect angels. Every angel I have has been given to me and therefore represents the person who gave me it. If you would like to send me an angel feel free to do so. Just kidding, but really if you want to…

9. I don’t believe in coincidence. Everything happens for a reason.

10. I have a warped sense of humor. If you get my humor we will become fast friends. If you don’t get my humor chances are I will shy away from you.


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If you have queried via e-mail then you are familiar with the title of this post. I usually take a moment before opening these e-mails. My thoughts do a few things simultaneously. First they freeze. Second they bounce back and forth like a ball in a game of ping-pong. I go from thinking possibilities to expecting rejection. Third, my thoughts freeze again. In a millisecond my mood can change. I can go from blah to yee-haw or yee-haw to blah.
A writer learns quickly that waiting is part of the game. Waiting and then receiving a no is never fun but it’s necessary if you want to be able to relate to almost every other writer out there. Sure we hear about the so & so’s who got representation quicker than most of us can type, but they are few and far between.
If you click on that e-mail and the golden ticket awaits you on the other side, woo-hoo for you. If you click on that e-mail and the words read something like this – With much regrets…dust yourself off. Send another query to someone else and know that within waiting there is hope. Hope is what pushes us forward.
I want to know how you feel when you see that reply waiting to be opened.


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Trilogy Contest

I recently read Wake by Lisa McMann. If you are someone that is interested in the dream world this trilogy is for you. Janie falls into other people’s dreams. She discovers an interesting fact about the boy she likes and together they go on a unique adventure. If you want to read more buy the book or you can head over to this cool blog for a chance to win all three books in the Wake trilogy.

Shannon over at Ramblings of a Wannabe Scribe drove over an hour away to get three signed copies just so she can give them away. How cool is that?

Make sure you let me know if you are going to check out the contest.

I have some crazy dreams. I keep a dream journal and Janie would no doubt find some of my dreams interesting. If you feel like sharing a dream of yours please do.

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Lipstick Kisses and Wordiness

I have random pieces of paper with lipstick kisses scattered wherever I frequent. There are lipstick kisses on the back of envelopes and napkins in the console of my car. My dresser has a few receipts painted with my lip impressions. Toilet paper sheets with my pucker stamp lie amongst the junk and waste in my garbage can.

How does lipstick kisses relate to writing? I’m not sure I would have connected the two myself if it wasn’t for a comment made by a friend the other day.

“I like you without eye shadow,” says friend.

“I like eye shadow. I like make-up,” says me.

The words left my mouth and then it hit me. Editing your work is like kissing an envelope. You need to get rid of the excess in order to look your best.
I tend to overwrite. I love to overwrite. But, I am aware that to become the best writer that I can be, I need to smudge out some of the words that flood my paper. If I don’t blot out the wordiness I risk looking like I tried too hard or not hard enough.

Can wordiness be the kiss of death? Do you have editing tips that you would like to share?


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We have all been asked questions such as…What is your favorite color? What is your favorite animal? I have never had anyone ask me what my favorite word is. Today, I am asking fellow writers what their favorite word is and why. Writers play around with words all day long. You can’t be a writer without a favorite word.

My favorite word is B*E*L*I*E*V*E. Believe can apply to so many things. This word can represent faith, love, destiny, karma, truth and magic. I choose to believe in everything it represents and that is why it is my favorite word.

What’s your favorite word?

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Feel the Pain

As writer’s we have to be able to connect with all of our emotions in order to make the reader able to relate to our words. Without emotions the story will read flat. If your character is angry then find a way to bring that anger to the page. Think about what you do when you are angry. Do you scream like a banshee? (Okay, maybe that’s just me-blame it on my Italian/Irish heritage) Do you go silent? Throw dishes?

Most people never take the time to think about their emotions and how they express them. A writer has to be in touch with their inner beings if they want someone else to get in touch with their inner self.

No story could be great without the use of raw emotion. I suggest keeping a journal close by so you can scribble down your emotions as they happen. Instead of throwing a dish or screaming, jot down what you are feeling. You will be surprised how effective that will be when you are trying to write about your character being angry.

Of course you can do this for any emotion. Writing about what it feels like to be happy may help someone else become happy. What makes you happy? Is it something that someone else never thought of and the fact that you mention it in your writing opens their eyes to see?

What emotion do you find the hardest to write about? Do you cry when writing a sad scene? My rule of thumb is, if I’m not feeling it no one else will either.


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Query Contest

I am currently in the query writing stage of my writing life. I have already penned over two dozen and still, I know I can do better. If I’m lucky I will win the Query contest being held at Kathleen Ortiz’s blog. If you are lucky, you will win. Constructive feedback is our friend. We cannot grow as writers without it. We can’t become the best versions of ourselves if we are not willing to accept it.
I admire anyone that is willing to give constructive criticism. The fact that they choose to take time out of their busy lives to help someone else enrich theirs makes me believe that they are the type of people I would easily get along with. I am offering some advice. Surf on over to her blog. You can thank me later if you win.

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Throwing Balls

Elana Roth and Caren Estesen held a pitchfest over at the caren johnson literary agency blog last week. I participated in the slamfest and experienced one of the most exciting days ever. These two agents deserve a round of applause for taking the time to offer valuable advice to aspiring authors.

As much as I hate to admit, I must tell you that I pitched my novel but threw a foul ball. I wrote lots of pitches before submitting the final one. At the time there was a method to my madness but sadly I didn’t sell myself good enough to make it through to the next round. I felt like one of those tone deaf contestants on American Idol. You know the ones that beg and plead with the panel judges to give them one more chance because they got nervous. The ones that don’t seem to have any idea how bad they really sound. Yeah that was me.
I am mad at myself for choosing the pitch that I chose. I let my story down. I let myself down. But, now it is time to get back up dust myself off and throw another pitch. Sometimes the best pitchers walk a few players before they throw the perfect pitch.

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