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Throwing Balls

Elana Roth and Caren Estesen held a pitchfest over at the caren johnson literary agency blog last week. I participated in the slamfest and experienced one of the most exciting days ever. These two agents deserve a round of applause for taking the time to offer valuable advice to aspiring authors.

As much as I hate to admit, I must tell you that I pitched my novel but threw a foul ball. I wrote lots of pitches before submitting the final one. At the time there was a method to my madness but sadly I didn’t sell myself good enough to make it through to the next round. I felt like one of those tone deaf contestants on American Idol. You know the ones that beg and plead with the panel judges to give them one more chance because they got nervous. The ones that don’t seem to have any idea how bad they really sound. Yeah that was me.
I am mad at myself for choosing the pitch that I chose. I let my story down. I let myself down. But, now it is time to get back up dust myself off and throw another pitch. Sometimes the best pitchers walk a few players before they throw the perfect pitch.

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