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Feel the Pain

As writer’s we have to be able to connect with all of our emotions in order to make the reader able to relate to our words. Without emotions the story will read flat. If your character is angry then find a way to bring that anger to the page. Think about what you do when you are angry. Do you scream like a banshee? (Okay, maybe that’s just me-blame it on my Italian/Irish heritage) Do you go silent? Throw dishes?

Most people never take the time to think about their emotions and how they express them. A writer has to be in touch with their inner beings if they want someone else to get in touch with their inner self.

No story could be great without the use of raw emotion. I suggest keeping a journal close by so you can scribble down your emotions as they happen. Instead of throwing a dish or screaming, jot down what you are feeling. You will be surprised how effective that will be when you are trying to write about your character being angry.

Of course you can do this for any emotion. Writing about what it feels like to be happy may help someone else become happy. What makes you happy? Is it something that someone else never thought of and the fact that you mention it in your writing opens their eyes to see?

What emotion do you find the hardest to write about? Do you cry when writing a sad scene? My rule of thumb is, if I’m not feeling it no one else will either.


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