Daily Archives: February 23, 2010


If you have queried via e-mail then you are familiar with the title of this post. I usually take a moment before opening these e-mails. My thoughts do a few things simultaneously. First they freeze. Second they bounce back and forth like a ball in a game of ping-pong. I go from thinking possibilities to expecting rejection. Third, my thoughts freeze again. In a millisecond my mood can change. I can go from blah to yee-haw or yee-haw to blah.
A writer learns quickly that waiting is part of the game. Waiting and then receiving a no is never fun but it’s necessary if you want to be able to relate to almost every other writer out there. Sure we hear about the so & so’s who got representation quicker than most of us can type, but they are few and far between.
If you click on that e-mail and the golden ticket awaits you on the other side, woo-hoo for you. If you click on that e-mail and the words read something like this – With much regrets…dust yourself off. Send another query to someone else and know that within waiting there is hope. Hope is what pushes us forward.
I want to know how you feel when you see that reply waiting to be opened.


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