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Interesting or no?

Little things mean so much. Today I woke to find an e-mail from Roz Morris. She is an awesome author with a fantastic blog –Nail Your Novel. She said there was a surprise for me over at her blog and instantly my day became cheerier. Who doesn’t love surprises?

She was given the Sugar Doll Blogger award which required her to list ten random facts about herself. The facts were fun and certainly interesting. She passed on the Sugar Doll Blogger award as well as the Sunshine award to me and eleven others. Now, it is my turn to list ten facts. I am looking to add new blogs to my list. Please feel free to comment and leave info so I can visit your blog. Anyone who comments receives a blog award.

Okay, so I will attempt to make myself sound interesting.

1. Eventually I will become a very famous author but until then I need a day job. I just got hired to be a…
*Lab technician
*Veterinarian’s Assistant
*Craps Dealer in a casino
*Circus Clown
One of these is correct. Which one do you think?

2. I have four children. My first child was named after a song. My second child was named after a book. I simply just loved the name for my third child. 4. My fourth child was born three weeks after my father died so she was named after him.

3. Public Speaking does not intimidate me. With having said that, I would let a stranger read my ms before someone close to me. (I get embarrassed when people I know read what I write)

4. I keep many journals but only four have been named. The names of my journals are Journey, Hope, Destiny and Karma.

5. I love bracelets and rings. The funkier the better.

6. I believe that I was born to be a writer. It is my calling.

7. Many of my dreams have come true in one way or another which is why I must keep a dream journal.

8. I collect angels. Every angel I have has been given to me and therefore represents the person who gave me it. If you would like to send me an angel feel free to do so. Just kidding, but really if you want to…

9. I don’t believe in coincidence. Everything happens for a reason.

10. I have a warped sense of humor. If you get my humor we will become fast friends. If you don’t get my humor chances are I will shy away from you.


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