A Master at Waiting

Writers dream. Writers dream big. Writers hope. Writers persevere. Writers wait. Writers wait. Writers wait.

What are they waiting for?

Every writer is waiting for something, whether it is a response to a query, an announcement of a contest winner, a release date, a book cover, or a comment on a blog. If nothing else, the writer becomes a master of the waiting game. We are waiting knowing there is a possibility that what we are waiting for might never come. Yet, still we wait.
When I was younger I read a piece by Erma Bombeck that stuck with me. The piece was titled The Journey. Our whole lives we are waiting for the next thing. When we are young we wait to grow up. When we grow up we can’t wait to go to college, buy an apartment, buy a house get married, and have children. Erma recognized that all of those things were wonderful but it was the journey to those things that was priceless.

I pose a question today. If someone told you they knew without a doubt what would happen with your writing career would you want to know? Or would you rather continue the journey and hope that all of your waiting pays off in the end? Rejection builds character without it, the journey would be boring.

I will continue to wait, it’s what I do.

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One response to “A Master at Waiting

  1. Krista Rausin

    Thank you for adding my journal to your Blogroll.

    In answer to your question, I wouldn’t want anyone to tell me anything about my future writing career or my life. I think the challenge is to gain strength and peace in the unknown-learn to be happy with what is and that happiness will show through in your creations.

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