Linking It All Together

A chain is a series of things connected or following in succession. The size of the chain depends on the amount of links added.

Often a writer is a writer sooner than they recognize that is what they are. Writers are the school-aged children scribbling stories into a notebook. She is the young girl skipping rope trying to come up with a new song to impress her friends. He is the wild boy on the back of the bus chanting lyrics to get a reaction. Early on, they probably are not aware that they are adding the first link to a chain that may end up being very long.

Ask any successful writer what the secret to their success is and chances are they will tell you, diligence, determination and patience.

Let’s break those down. Diligence is an earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken. You cannot just state that you want to be a writer. You have to become a writer. There are roads albeit different ones for everyone that a writer must first travel before reaching their destination. When I recognized that writing was my passion the first thing I did was educate myself on the craft. I purchased books on writing. I enrolled in writing courses. I participated in critique groups. I attended seminars and I began journaling. Hence, adding links to the chain.

Learning brings enlightenment which connects to determination. Once you believe in yourself you will want others to believe in you too. If you want agents and editors to take you seriously you have to show them that you took the time to learn how to set up a manuscript, you listened when they gave advice on query writing and you didn’t bad mouth them when they rejected you. Rejection should be used to strengthen the chain.
Never let rejection weaken your links. There would be no determination without rejection.

Every time a query is sent, a contest is entered, a manuscript is forwarded, your chain gets longer and you come to realize that you have learned patience.
A chain can be too short but never too long. If you are diligent, determined and patient you will discover that you have a series of things connected that have been linked together. If we are lucky, others will take their links and interlock them with ours and together we will form something that is worth its weight in gold.

Have you started a chain? What links have you added to your writing career?
Do you have suggestions on how to free your writing of kinks?

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