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Where Did Your Journey Begin?

Writers usually are the ones marching to the beat of their own drum. It took me a long time to realize that writing was always and will always be my passion, my calling, my sanity and the cause for my moments of insanity. I was a writer long before I knew or understood that is what I wanted to be. How did my journey begin? It started with a book.

Loving to read and loving to write are two different things. You can love to read and not love to write but you cannot love to write without loving to read. Reading is where my journey began. In school we were assigned book reports. Most of the kids hated the idea of having to read an entire book and then summarize it onto a poster board (this is how we did it in fourth grade). To me, this was exciting and fun. For my first report I chose the book titled Chain Letter. I proudly cut out letters from magazines to glue to my poster board so that they would mimic a real chain letter. I highlighted the box to the left and couldn’t wait to write out a synopsis. Nothing about the book report was work to me.

I can’t recall if I received an A and that says something. Writing is not about the rewards or A+ marks we receive it is about the process. The goal for most writers is recognition but recognition would not be half as sweet if there weren’t a few sour moments beforehand.

The series of actions that a writer takes before putting the pen to paper is where the beauty of the craft is. Think about everything you have noticed while taking your journey. The trees come alive, the birds sing louder, mannerisms become noticed and the world around you suddenly becomes a character waiting to be written about.

Becoming a writer does not guarantee anything other than a life well lived. We take the journey and hope for a good destination. But, if the destination leads us to a forest filled with wild creatures and loneliness, it’s just one more thing we can write about.

A friend once asked me if I really thought a writing career was lucrative. “Lucrative? No. Life changing, yes.” Not all of us will receive the same amount of success but all of us will successfully explore life in ways that most people would never even consider.

Are you a writer? How did your journey begin? What types of things do you notice that other people don’t?


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