Who Needs Paper When…

Have you ever found yourself stuck in traffic or waiting to be called in for an appointment when all of the sudden BAM inspiration hits? You rummage around your car searching for that piece of paper to jot down what is now running laps in your head. You ransack your purse hoping that you remembered to throw in that small notebook you purchased for these exact moments only to discover that there is nothing of the sort.

A panic floods through your mind as you feel the perfect words that seconds ago danced delightfully through your thoughts are now slowly fading away. You repeat the words or idea out loud, hoping to remember them, when suddenly traffic begins to move, your name is called in for the appointment and the sudden change of momentum sends the words out the back door of your mind.

I have found myself in these exact situations more often than I’d like to admit. However, I have discovered that I can become very resourceful and creative when these moments arrive. My words have been jotted down on matchbooks with an eyeliner pencil. I have scribbled thoughts on the back of my Better Homes and Gardens magazine with a crayon, because those were the only things in the car. I have written a synopsis on an order pad while waitressing and yes I have even written dialogue on my arms so I would not forget.

Hey, when you have to get it out, you have to get it out. I know there are others out there like me. Surely there is someone who wrote a blog idea on a store receipt, a characters name on the back of an envelope, or an idea for a book in your child’s coloring book.

What do you do when inspiration hits?

Have you ever jotted down your thoughts on anything out of the ordinary?

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One response to “Who Needs Paper When…

  1. Dominique

    Usually when an idea comes to me, I ruin the opportunity by overthinking it. I end up losing the original thought. But if the inspiration holds, then I’ll usually just jot it down wherever I can. If I don’t have a pen and paper with me, I’ll just ask someone nearby or go to the nearest store and buy what I need.

    I once spent 10 dollars on pen and paper just to write down one sentence.

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