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Me too: How I Connect With Famous Authors

I took a fun quiz today on Twitter. The purpose of the quiz was to determine what writer you were most like. After answering a few multiple choice questions I hit submit and waited. My result was …J.D. Salinger. After reading through the small personality profile that the test makers provided, I thought to myself, yeah I guess in some ways I am like this famous author. Then I thought some more and decided that I could probably relate to a lot of famous authors on some level. How so? Was the question that piqued my curiosity and sent me surfing the internet to come up with the answers. Here is what I found.
Edgar Allen Poe- Poe, as I like to call him pursued writing as a career more earnestly after the death of his brother during a difficult time in American publishing.
Me- I began focusing much more on my writing in hopes of making it a career after the death of my father during a difficult time in American publishing. We see it every day on blogs, twitter and websites how much harder it is today to break into publishing. Regardless, I am determined to jump over the hurdles and finish the race.

Erma Bombeck- She did a stint on the Good Morning America show which is produced by ABC studios.
Me- I received a paycheck from ABC studios for a short story I wrote on motherhood.

Stephanie Meyer- It is a well-known fact that the inspiration for the widely acclaimed Twilight Saga came to Stephanie Meyer in a dream. My current YA novel also presented itself to me within a dream. I don’t think I would have ever come up with the idea in my waking life.
Me- My mother’s maiden name is Hemingway and her siblings claim that they are descendents of Ernest Hemingway. I will eventually do a family tree to find out for sure but, the fact that I may have the blood of a famous author is exciting.
I realized that all of these small facts and correlations are not huge but they are similarities that connect me with some of the finest authors ever to live.

I am an author just like J.D. Salinger, Erma Bombeck, Edgar Allen Poe and Ernest Hemingway. I may not be as well-known, but my passion for writing is no less than theirs was or still is.
How are you similar to famous authors?
What interesting facts can be written about you?

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