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Writers and Readers

The beautiful thing about reading and writing is that through reading you can be inspired to write about something else. In a sense the reader teaches the writer and the writer teaches the reader.
Often when reading something that I consider to be well written, I ask myself how I could orchestrate my words to read as brilliantly as the specific author has made theirs. There is a certain rhythm that words must have in order to successfully engage the reader. When reading my words back to myself, I must feel them effortlessly rolling off of my tongue in order to be satisfied with what I wrote. I want to be able to write something that I would love to read.
If you are a writer you are a reader. My favorite part of reading is that moment when the words of another author will inspire me to think of perfectly sounding words of my own.
The writer teaches the reader about people, places, emotions, actions and anything else that we all face in different ways but similar enough to relate.
What the reader and the writer might not realize is that they are both seeking to understand the human spirit. I can only speak for myself when I say- I can see myself in so many different characters. Some traits I would admit to having and others I wouldn’t be so quick to confess.
When I am reading, I am looking to find myself in others. When I am writing, I am looking to discover the soul of another.
Writers and Readers are like Peanut butter and Jelly. They can stand alone but they were meant to be put together.

What about reading makes you a better writer?


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