Writing About Love Giveaway

Happy Valentines Day! Love, aah yes, it’s what makes the world go around. We all look for it, give it, receive it and would have a hard time living without it. Love is a writer’s friend. If you are a writer then chances are you have written about love.

Today is a good day to write. It is a day of observation. Take the time to focus on what emotions are being displayed. Is there a co-worker that is in a terrible mood because her and her significant other called it quits and today she has no valentine?

Did you witness flowers being delivered to an unsuspecting person? How did they respond?

I’m willing to bet that every novel written has some element of love within its pages. It can be materialistic love, sibling love, romantic love, love of power, platonic love or unconditional. Love is not just mushy. It can be the root to violence, insecurities, and betrayal.

Today’s post is a writing exercise. It has two parts.

First Part- Take one of your favorite novels down from the shelf and begin exploring the pages. Where did the author write about love? What type of scene did they create? How did you feel after reading their words? Did anything about their words inspire you?

Second Part- Create your own love scene. Remember it doesn’t have to be sunshine, rainbows, kisses and hugs. It could be storms, rocky roads and sacrifice.

Writing Prompt: Lexie stepped off of the train (What does Lexie stepping off of a train have to do with love? Was she meeting up with the guy she left everything for? Was she returning home to tend to a sick parent? Was she following her dreams?)

You could go anywhere with one sentence. What the heck let me see where you take this and you might win a surprise. I’m in the mood for a giveaway.

Make me feel love in 100 words or less and you may be a winner.

Because this giveaway was spontaneous I do not yet know what the gift will be but I promise it will be well thought out.

Love and Kisses xoxoxoxo



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3 responses to “Writing About Love Giveaway

  1. Amy

    OK, here’s my entry. I just sort of whipped it up….

    Lexie stepped off the train still remembering his wet kisses on her cheeks. She hated to leave him that morning, so vulnerable and needy wrapped in tumbled bed sheets. He beckoned her back to bed with a whimper, but she had things to do. He could wait, and he would wait, all day.

    Perhaps by the window, waiting for her to show up or he might amuse himself just to pass the time away. Lexie knew that her beloved lived and died for her and only her, though he had taken to looking at the bitch next door. She shrugged, knowing a wandering eye was the least of her concerns.

    She needed to find gainful employment and fast, or they would both be out on the streets. That day—two weeks ago—he sat with her all night as she cried over being fired from her lucrative job as a publicist. They even shared a whole gallon of ice cream and watched chick flicks together. He didn’t mind a bit cuddling next to her with his head in her lap.

    Lexie would find a better job and she would stay home more with him. They would go for walks, hang out at the outdoor coffee shop they liked so much, and maybe take a trip to the beach—all the things Lexie never had time to do anymore. Well, she had all the time in the world now.

    As she passed the new uptown boutique, something in the window caught her eye. It would be a perfect present for him, a way to thank him for his unyielding support. She grabbed the biggest, brightest one she could find and smiled at the joy it would bring him. They would use it at the park this weekend; it was another one of their special places.

    “What’s his name?” the cashier asked with a smile as she rung up the merchandise.

    “Oh, his name is Oliver,” said Lexie. Bag in hand, she exited the shop and headed back home. It was Valentine’s Day, after all, and she wanted to spend it with her true love.

    Sure enough, Oliver was watching for her at the window. The closer she got, the more excited he became until his whole body wriggled with excitement. Lexi opened the door and was greeted with the biggest, wettest kiss she had ever received.

    “Whoa, Oliver, calm down,” she laughed. “Look, what I brought you!” She shook the bag and Oliver jumped around with glee. Lexie opened the bag revealing the shiniest rubber football. She threw it playfully across the apartment. Oliver gave her a happy glance, knowing this game all too well. It was his favorite.

    Joy filled Lexie as Oliver chewed on his new football. He trotted back to her side and she threw it again. And again. Tuckered out, Oliver drank some water and let the droplets fall clumsily from his chin. He was such a slob, but he was her slob.

    It may not seem like much to some, but the love that Lexie and Oliver shared was special. It was a love based on loyalty, trust, commitment—something understood only between a girl and her goldendoodle.

  2. jessica

    Lexie stepped off the train pushing the silver button on her umbrella just in time as she skipped across a tiny puddle. Its been years since she’s seen this city, but not much has changed. “Take a good look around”, a little voice inside her head said, as she tilted her head upward. Lexi let out a big sigh. She was just a girl the last time she was here. This was the place they planned to make their life together. It was all supposed to be so different. Six years havecome and gone. “I cant believe Im here,” she mumbled to herself.

    She searched for his face in the crowd of strangers as they hussled past her. She could still remember the last time he held her, still feel his warm breath on her neck, and hear his soft groan when she slowly traced her fingers down the back of his spine like he loved her to do. Just the thought of him started to cause an ache in her chest like a gaping whole that only his love could fill.

    Lexie raised her hand to hail a taxi as she looked down at the piece of paper in her hand. She hoped it was the right address or all of this was for nothing. There was only one way to find out….

  3. Maribeth

    Congratulations Amy, you are the winner! I loved Jay Jay’s post as well but Jay Jay is a very close friend of mine so we decided that she will get her own special bracelet. I just got word that they have been shipped so I will e-mail you when I send it out!

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