10 Reasons Writers Can be Labled Crazy

1. They are forever talking to themselves
2. They have imaginary friends
3. They are known to cyber stalk agents, editors and publishers
4. They often go into a zone making them appear catatonic
5. They can be found wearing the same clothes for days, especially when hammering out final drafts and edits
6. At any given time you can find them laughing out loud or crying uncontrollably while no one else is sitting by them (The outside world does not realize they might have just thought of a great ending or an extremely funny scene)
7. They often stare at people which others may find rude, but to us it is observation
8. They possess many obsessive compulsive qualities such as checking their e-mail every two minutes, looking up their blog statistics every five minutes and lurking around twitter to see if an agent they queried mentions something that can possibly relate to what they sent
9. Interrupting them can cause them to shake and scream
10. They live in fantasy worlds

Did I miss anything?


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5 responses to “10 Reasons Writers Can be Labled Crazy

  1. Their internet browser history often makes them look like serial killers, stalkers, or pychopaths. 🙂

  2. Interesting I can relate to some of what you say there…

    I always act differently around strangers… I used to be scared that people might think that I’m crazy. I was actually just afraid of being myself, of being a writer… Whatever that might mean…

    I like to think that we’re all writers in some fashion.

    But I suppose that the best writers are all crazy in some form or function….

  3. I agree on all of them.

    I also sometimes sleep during the day so that I can write at night. Vampish, but I like to write when it’s peaceful.

    • Maribeth

      Medeia, I’m with you. I have always loved to write late at night. Now I work the graveyard shift so I have no choice but to sleep during the day and try and squeeze writing time during the evening or on days off.

  4. Great post!
    Seven out of ten here. I’d have scored higher if my imaginary friends hadn’t been so much into personal hygeine and clean clothes.
    I like the suggestions in the comments too. One more could be telling others about a person or something that happened neglecting to mention that it’s actually a character in a story or something that happened in a book.

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