About a year ago my husband bought me a Kindle for my birthday. I was thrilled. Getting a Kindle meant I was going to be able to purchase a book faster than it would take me to walk from one room to another. I would no longer have to wait until I got a chance to get to the book store. I had stories at my fingertips. Before getting a Kindle, I often wondered “Would it feel natural? Would I be distracted by the fact I wasn’t physically turning a page?” I was happy to discover that nothing about it felt awkward.

One day in the middle of reading a great book it happened. My Kindle died. (I hadn’t realized the battery was low). I stared at the black screen and cursed it and myself. Now what was I going to do? I wouldn’t be able to get back to that great book until I charged the Kindle. As I walked into my writing room to retrieve the charger I glanced at my beautiful bookshelf and instantly became sad. I realized that I still loved the traditional book and felt bad for abandoning it. I sat in the chair and thought about all the books I have read and started to make a mental list of why I loved the traditional book. First off, I simply love what they look like. I love seeing them lined up together on a shelf. I love the book cover (yes on Kindle you can see the cover but I still don’t think it’s the same). I love the colors of the covers (I know now I’m sounding “out there,” but I do.) Other than the appearance I love the feel of a book. I enjoy turning the pages. I love being able to see the thickness of the pages I have already read. I like flipping ahead to see how far I have to go and wondering how long it will take me. I especially love how worn out my book looks by the time I’m done reading it. I am always surprised when someone loans me a soft covered book they already read and it’s in impeccable condition. My paperback books are frayed, bent and ripped. Looking at them reminds me that I escaped to a place that someone else created. It’s concrete. It’s there as a reminder for me and as an example for my children. A worn book shows them that it was read and may inspire them to wear out some books of their own.
You see, I love them both. I think I can be loyal to both of them do you?


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  1. I feel the same.

    I read mainly ebooks, but I love looking at my shelves and buying print books. I read them at home and my ebooks are mainly for on-the-go (I read a lot while I’m out).

  2. Sooner or later ebooks are gonna erase book shelves, nevertheless.
    I like them both, however, new generations had capability to survive in technology-obsessed world while leaving ancient YELLOW paper books facing extinction process

  3. I love this book hug photo. Where did you find it? We’d like to use it too! Thanks for any information on its source.

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