Writers, What’s Your Story?


Every time I walk into a book store or library a feeling consumes me. The feeling is a combination of excitement, inspiration and contentment. I always have the same thought, This is where I belong. I feel at home amongst the sea of books and authors. I envision what the covers of my books will look like. I picture myself sitting at a table with a line of people waiting for me to sign a book. I imagine my name splattered across the books. There is nothing in my life that I have ever been more certain of. I was born to write.

 I also think of all of the authors whose dreams have become reality. I often wonder what their stories are. How long did it take them? What inspired them to write their book? When did they know their book would become published? Did they ever want to give up?

I want to hear your story. When did you decide to write? Do you think writing is a calling? What would you do tomorrow if someone told you you could never write again?


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4 responses to “Writers, What’s Your Story?

  1. Completely driven, that’s me.

    • Maribeth

      Drive is important when it comes to writing. I hope that you achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself. Keep on writing Andy, words make a difference!

  2. I started day dreaming in school and was often off having adventures in my imagination. I knew then that I had to write, but then life got in the way and I’m only now coming back to writing in a serious way.

    I dream of walking into a bookshop and seeing my book on the shelves. Or at least being able to find it on the Amazon shelf 🙂 I have the stories in my mind and the only way I can release them is to write. If I don’t the characters will NOT shut up!

    • Maribeth

      Hi Pete, nice to meet you. I know exactly what you are talking about. Characters have a way of getting you to notice them. I remember a writing instructor told me that a large amount of writers don’t start writing until later in life. I hope to see your books on shelves one day also. Thanks for stopping by.

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