Often, when I do interviews for my blog I end with asking the author if they have a favorite word. Today’s blogging letter is B which also happens to be the first letter of my favorite word.
I don’t have any tattoos, but if I ever dared to get one it would be the word Believe. In my opinion, it’s one of the most powerful words out there.
As writers we need to cherish this word and hold onto it in order to keep pushing forward. If we didn’t believe that our writing served a purpose, I’m not sure we’d keep doing it.
There are so many things I believe that you may not and that’s okay. I “believe” we are all entitled to our own beliefs.

A few things I believe in today are.

1. I believe with God all things are possible
2. I believe in symbolism. I enjoy incorporating it into my written work. Even if no one recognizes it as symbolism, I know it’s there
3. I believe that I was born to be a writer
4. I believe that my dreams will come true one day
5. I believe that life is a journey and writers help others see the beauty within their own journey
6. I believe that every rejection we receive is a medal of courage and they should be cherished
7. I believe in signs and try to recognize them when they appear

8. I believe that just like others are meant to be in my life, I’m meant to be in others as well

9. I believe dreams can sometimes bring messages

10. I believe that creative minds can create messy people. (I like to say I’m organized in a disorganized way.

I can ramble on and on about what I believe but I think above should suffice. I’d love to hear what you believe. By the way, what is your favorite word?


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7 responses to “BELIEVE

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  2. I believe I’m going to print this out, frame it and hang it on my bedroom wall.

    As for favourite word – I don’t have ‘one’ just yet, if I narrowed it down from A-Z:
    A – is ‘Amazing’
    B – has to be ‘Beautiful’ …

  3. Merritt | LiveSimplyLove

    I absolutely love this post…probably my favorite that I’ve read today. Probably because I believe a lot of those same things, too. I believe God made me a writer, that conflict teaches us important life lessons and that if we listen there is much to be heard in the silence. Thanks for this sweet way to end my day! Excited to see what you write for “C”!

  4. I believe in inspiration, that’s what this post has given.
    I think my favorite “B” word would have to be Bruddah. It sounds so much cooler than Brother.

  5. I love your word. It’s a doozie. Where would we be without belief? Your positive attitude will carry you through. Even if you hit an obsticle, and you will, you’ll continue holding your belief above to guide you.

  6. I’ll use a “B” word to describe your post- Beautiful! I believe this is also an important word. Have a great time as you continue on with the A to Z blog challenge. I am right along with you.

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