1. Seeing their name in Print

2. Signing their autograph

3. An offer from an agent

4. Selling their book

5. Their book cover

6. Making The New York Times Best Sellers List

7. Great Reviews

8. Writing full time

9. A book store filled with their books

10. Their Next Book

What did I miss?


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  1. Reading books that make them sound smart at dinner parties. : ) Good list!

  2. I’ve dreamed of an office overlooking the ocean.

  3. Great list. I’m with you on the office looking over the lake but would change the office to a log cabin. Starting each day by chopping wood, then brewing coffee in one of those old coffee pots on a big old stove before settling down to a day of free flowing writing… bliss!

    • Maribeth

      Hi Kay, thanks so much for commenting. I love the old coffee pots or percolators, they make the best coffee. I’m not sure I’d want to chop wood (lol) but a log cabin sounds dreamy. Make sure you stop back again, within the next week or so I’ll be posting an author interview and book giveaway. 🙂

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