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Aiming For Completion

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Happy First of April. Today starts the a to z writing challenge. I’m so excited to blog hop and reconnect with the great people I met last year. This challenge couldn’t have come at a better time for me. You see, I’ve been so busy with family, work, edits and writing, that my blog was forced to suffer due to lack of time. But today that changes. I’m back and ready to blog every day for the month of April. My goal is to complete the full challenge this year. Last year I was going strong but then my computer decided to kick the bucket. After the demise of my laptop, I did one post from my phone but then unfortunately threw in the towel. This year I plan on making it all the way to z. So today in honor of the letter A I have decided to make my word AIM.
In addition to this challenge, I’m aiming for a few more things.
1. To finish the edits on my synopsis so I can submit requested material. (I really dislike writing a synopsis but am happy that I managed to do so)
2. To obtain an agent by summer’s end. (It could happen right?)
3. To visit as many blogs as possible during this month.
What are you aiming for this month?


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