Aiming For Completion

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Happy First of April. Today starts the a to z writing challenge. I’m so excited to blog hop and reconnect with the great people I met last year. This challenge couldn’t have come at a better time for me. You see, I’ve been so busy with family, work, edits and writing, that my blog was forced to suffer due to lack of time. But today that changes. I’m back and ready to blog every day for the month of April. My goal is to complete the full challenge this year. Last year I was going strong but then my computer decided to kick the bucket. After the demise of my laptop, I did one post from my phone but then unfortunately threw in the towel. This year I plan on making it all the way to z. So today in honor of the letter A I have decided to make my word AIM.
In addition to this challenge, I’m aiming for a few more things.
1. To finish the edits on my synopsis so I can submit requested material. (I really dislike writing a synopsis but am happy that I managed to do so)
2. To obtain an agent by summer’s end. (It could happen right?)
3. To visit as many blogs as possible during this month.
What are you aiming for this month?


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22 responses to “Aiming For Completion

  1. Tim Loftus

    Good luck with this. Tim

    • Maribeth

      Hi Tim! I don’t think you ever stopped by my blog before. I was so excited to see a comment from you. I miss my writing guru. Stop by again. 🙂 Maribeth

  2. Great post. I am a firm believer in setting an intention and working to achieve it. I plan to get the cover for my book nailed down this month.

    • Maribeth

      Hi Elizabeth. Good luck with your book cover. That has to be exciting. I’d love to hear what your book is about!

  3. I aim to meet some new bloggers. You are the second new blog I have visited today. I don’t what I would do if my computer died. What would I do while disconnected from the blog world?!?!

  4. Grover

    My ‘A’ is aims too (great minds!)
    I’d also like to visit as many blogs as possible 🙂

    (Grover at Inane Ramblings)

  5. I’m stopping by from the “A to Z Challenge” and I look forward to visiting again!


  6. Great Post, Maribeth. Yes, the dreaded query and synopsis, I agree! Aim Big! This is my first year with the A to Z Challenge, I’m already wondering what I’m going to post tomorrow and the next day. I should have made a plan.

  7. Good luck with your aims. I’m hoping to visit lots of blogs too.

  8. I’m aiming for — too much. I’ll keep it simple.
    1) Read and comment on 5 short manuscripts by Wednesday (very short, 12-page short)
    2) Write a post for the site
    3) Outline the next section of my whatever-it-is (I hate outlining, but when I sit down and finally commit to organizing something, the clouds part and God gives me a wink and a thumb’s up)
    4) Finish this blog challenge with my writing group, The Write On, Mamas! (we’re here:
    5) Put dinner on the table. (This should be really easy–finish heating up food, put food on table. And yet I sit here reading and writing…)

  9. Hi Maribeth – Stopping by (A to Z), but I signed up to follow your posts! Have fun!

  10. transformednonconformist

    I would just curl up in a ball and die if my computer kicked the bucket. I’m also a college student and need it for class.

    No internet. NO WAY!!!

  11. Good luck with all this.

    That’s horrible about the computer problems last year.

  12. I’ve finished every year but I’m aiming to visit more blogs this year. I’d like to visit them all.

  13. Aim is a great word for starting the challenge. I’ve watched this challenge before, but this is the first time I’ve actually tried it, so I’m aiming to finish as well.

  14. Great post! I’m aiming…well, to get through A-Z. That’s a pretty tall order for me! But I hope to make some new friends in the process.

    If I could finish the rewrite of my book this month, that’d be awesome, but I think I’ll just go for having two really good chapters to give my critique group at the beginning of May.

    Good luck with your goals!

  15. I hope you reach what you are aiming for! this is a great challenge

  16. Synopsis-writing is the worst. In fact, I just abandoned one I attempted to write. I’m opting to submit to publishers who don’t need one–it’s that excrutiating for me.

  17. This is my first year. Am delighted to be doing AtoZ.
    My aims are to finish it! And to see if the character I’m developing through it could be the basis for NaNoWriMo in Nov.
    If not then I need to find a story line… 🙂

  18. Good luck with juggling the challenge and the edits etc. I’m trying to finish the latest draft of my book and this is my first time on the challenge, but enjoying it so far. Happy blogging 🙂

  19. May your aim be true!

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