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When I was a young girl I noticed another young girl staring at me. She wouldn’t look away. I became a little uncomfortable then annoyed. I squeezed my eyes. I thought maybe a hard glance back would deter her and make her look away but it didn’t.

Later that day I told my aunt about the occurrence (she knew the girl who was staring). “Oh honey, she’s not looking at you, she’s daydreaming. That’s why she didn’t notice when you made a face at her.”

That day was my first experience with daydreaming. I later became friends with that girl and can say now with certainty, that yes she was daydreaming. What she was daydreaming about I will never know.

A daydream is a detachment from our surroundings. We separate momentarily from reality so we can imagine, wonder, remember and create.

I often daydream of stories I will write, the day I can finally say I got an agent, my books lining the shelves of bookstores, my very first book signing and other things that don’t have anything to do with writing.

I’ve created worlds in my daydream. I met characters and named future characters. I arranged plots and designed settings and I attended all sorts of writing related events where I met amazing people who helped further my career.

I often live in the land of daydreams and occasionally when I snap out of it, I find myself
staring blankly at someone who is giving me a funny face. I think back to the day when I was young and I whisper to myself, I wasn’t looking at you, I was daydreaming.


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