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Exercise for Writers


Writing exercises are a fun way to get your mind working and your imagination running. In honor of the letter e, today’s post will be a writing exercise.
First, I’m going to describe a female and a male. After reading through each description, jot down a name for the female and a name for the male.
Second, I’m going to give you a female name and a male name, write down what you think (based on their name only) that these two characters look like.
Third, I’m going to give you a situation for a male and female character. I want you to come up with a back story for the character based on the circumstance they are in.
Fourth, I will describe a scene and you will come up with a location for your character. If you want you can let us know why your character is there.
You don’t have to list all of your answers in the comments, but one or two would be cool. At the end we can compare what everyone came up with and see if any minds are thinking alike. Don’t peek at the other comments until you come up with your own answers.
Ready, Set, Create!
FEMALE CHARACTER: (Name her) She stands in front of the photograph staring at the black and white picture of the mother and child huddled under a blanket. She recalls the day she took the shot. It was the day she chopped her waist length hair off with a pair of kitchen scissors. She wanted to look edgy but sheik for her first photo shoot. It was the first day she truly believed she was a photographer.

MALE CHARACTER: (Name him) He couldn’t go fishing without his grey cargo pants. He was wearing the pants every time he got a big catch. Today, fifty bucks was riding on the biggest catch. He couldn’t risk losing to the jock. He might not be able to throw a football or hit a baseball but he could hook a fish.


(3.) Mother of three caught stealing at local grocery store. Items in her possession were scotch tape, a jar of hot sauce and a pack of straws.

(4.) Eighteen year old male standing on top of a chair in the food court of local mall singing at the top of his lungs “Don’t You Want Me Baby,” by Rod Stewart.


(1.) Running along the railroad tracks are four old brick factories which have been abandoned since I can remember. The windows are smashed or boarded up. An overgrown courtyard rests in the middle of the dilapidated buildings. Every once in a while a group of boys can be spotted playing hide and go seek despite the no trespassing signs.

(2.) The three story house is surrounded by Weeping Willow trees. A small lake is less than twenty yards away from their back porch. Three ducks have claimed the lake their home.


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