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Fan Fiction



I’m not too familiar with fan-fiction or exactly how it works. I see it mentioned a lot and hear about authors who have become famous from pieces they wrote that started out as fan-fiction.

In today’s post (for the letter f) I’m asking if any of my readers can explain to me exactly what it is and how one participates. Does the fan fiction always spin-off of famous published work? Is it a writing exercise?
When my sister finished reading The Twilight Saga she was worried about Jacob. She wished there was a follow up book about Jacob and Renessme. She wanted there to be one so bad that she was thinking about writing it for her own benefit. Would this be considered fan fiction?
I know as an author I should know more about this trending topic but unfortunately I don’t.
Have you ever engaged in fan-fiction? What sites do you visit when looking for fan-fiction?
What are your opinions?


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