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Years ago, I won a contest held by Christina Katz aka The Writer Mama. My prize was a pretty marble plaque that says Writer at Work. I still have the plaque. I love it because it reminds me on a daily basis that yes, I am a writer.
In honor of the letter G, I’m listing a few sites where you can find awesome gifts for writers. Don’t be afraid to buy one for yourself. They make great gifts for blog giveaways too. Hope you enjoy browsing as much as I did.

1. The Café press, www.cafepress.com offers a variety of writer inspired gifts such as T-shirts, mugs and pins. There is a green t on the front page I love. It simply says Write.
2. Outskirt Press www.outskirtspress.com/ has a really cool instant self-publishing gift certificate. Self-publishing can be costly, so this is a great way to help that writer in your life who is trying to do it on their own.
3. Amazon www.amazon.com/ also has some neat gifts for writers. One that caught my eye was The Writer’s Tool Box. This paperback includes games and writing exercises. It received five stars on the customer rating system. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in you better hurry there were only four available left.
4. Pinterest (a favorite site of mine) has a ton of pins showing super unique writing gifts. The cool gifts include a Shakespeare tissue box cover and a typewriter tea-pot. You will have a blast looking through the pins. You can pin them to your wall and buy them later.
5. Ninth Moon www.ninthmoon.com/ is another neat site. Their gifts include autograph plates, letterheads and book barks.
6. Kyle Designs www.kyledesigns.com/about_us.html offers personalized and engraved gifts for writers. If you are looking for an ornament for a writer or a flask, this is the site to visit.
Have fun checking out all of the cool gifts for writers. Have you ever received a writing gift? What do you think is a great gift for writers?

I listed all the links for you to get to their sites faster but if it doesn’t take you right to the gifts just enter writer gifts in their browsing sections.

Happy Writing!


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