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Did you know that April is also national poetry month? While we are all jumping from blog to blog checking out each other’s a to z posts, poets are checking out each other’s poems.
A few years ago, I participated in the poetry challenge. The poems are listed on my previous blog Moments to Memories. I loved the challenge and enjoyed learning about poetry. Poetry is soulful and powerful and has the ability to open eyes and change hearts.
A few of my favorite poets are Robert Frost, Edgar Allen Poe, Shel Silverstein, Emily Dickenson, E.E. Cummings, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

In honor of the letter H and National Poetry Month, I came up with a haiku. The first line is five syllables, second is seven and third is five. Take a stab at your own haiku, leave it in the comments for us to see.

My Haiku

Imagine a world
Characters whisper to you
A story is born


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