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Six years ago my husband bought me a beautiful leather journal for Christmas. The journal sat on a shelf for a few months because I wasn’t sure what I should write in it.
I wanted it to be more than a diary. I have to be honest, I always felt a little corny when I would write a daily entry in the diary I received when I was younger. The process felt forced to me.
Ever since I was five years old, I loved the movie King Kong. There was something about the giant beast and his kind eyes that made my heart swell. He was scary looking to most but to me he was loveable. I always watched the movie with my father (it was our movie). I’d sob every time the giant ape fell from the building. My father would say, “Mar, he’s an ape.” Even though I knew King Kong’s demise made him sad too.
When King Kong came to the big screen again (this time I was in my thirties) I said to my father, “We are going!” I was convinced I wouldn’t cry when Kong fell to his death. After all I wasn’t a little girl anymore. But when the planes circled him as he stood atop the Empire State building I felt the emotion building up. By the time he fell I was a blubbering mess.
When I got home that night I couldn’t get King Kong off of my mind. The hold he had on me was something I didn’t understand but wanted to understand. I have to figure this out, I whispered. As I was thinking about me crying like a baby the leather journal caught my eye. My love for journaling began because of my love for King Kong.
Kong is Falling was the first entry I entered. It took me two pages to figure out that King Kong symbolized my father. From that point on I nicknamed my father Kong. It was with that entry that I realized that I’d never stop journaling.
Journaling can be anything you want it to be. You can write about your day or remember a dream. You can write down a favorite song, outline plots, interview characters or doodle across the pages.
I’m on my sixth journal. I’ve named them all. Journey, Hope, Destiny, Karma, and Honesty (sixth one to be determined) are filled with my thoughts, ideas, and past. I treasure each of them.
I suggest finding a journal that speaks to you in some way. I love leather journals but I’m also fond of pocket journals. I like being able to tuck away notes, pictures or small tokens from my children.
Journaling allows you to explore who you are and records moments and ideas that you might have otherwise forgotten.

Do you journal?

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