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When I was a young girl I noticed another young girl staring at me. She wouldn’t look away. I became a little uncomfortable then annoyed. I squeezed my eyes. I thought maybe a hard glance back would deter her and make her look away but it didn’t.

Later that day I told my aunt about the occurrence (she knew the girl who was staring). “Oh honey, she’s not looking at you, she’s daydreaming. That’s why she didn’t notice when you made a face at her.”

That day was my first experience with daydreaming. I later became friends with that girl and can say now with certainty, that yes she was daydreaming. What she was daydreaming about I will never know.

A daydream is a detachment from our surroundings. We separate momentarily from reality so we can imagine, wonder, remember and create.

I often daydream of stories I will write, the day I can finally say I got an agent, my books lining the shelves of bookstores, my very first book signing and other things that don’t have anything to do with writing.

I’ve created worlds in my daydream. I met characters and named future characters. I arranged plots and designed settings and I attended all sorts of writing related events where I met amazing people who helped further my career.

I often live in the land of daydreams and occasionally when I snap out of it, I find myself
staring blankly at someone who is giving me a funny face. I think back to the day when I was young and I whisper to myself, I wasn’t looking at you, I was daydreaming.


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It took me a while to really love the editing process, but after almost a decade of writing and editing I can finally say I LOVE it. Yes, at times it can feel daunting and impossible, but the end result is always rewarding.

A second pair of eyes is crucial when it comes to editing. I’m always amazed at the simple things I miss that my critique partner @reneedeangelo4 spots immediately. We’ve had this conversation many times and she agrees with me. Why is it when it comes to our work we tend to scan right over an overused word, grammatical error, a plot kink or missing punctuation? Yet, we can pick out the very same errors in someone else’s work? I know it has something to do with our minds filling in the missing pieces due to the attachment we have with our own work.

Our personal attachment also affects the way we edit. I’ve felt sick when I had to cut out a sentence I loved, or revamp an entire chapter because it’s what the story needed. I even opened a separate document devoted to all original ideas and sentences.
Who knows, I may use the material one day or at least become inspired from it. Euphoria comes not only in writing our masterpieces but also from chopping them up then piecing them back together. So, chop away my friends, it’s the only way you will find the gold hiding inside your work.


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Before They Were


Every writer dreams of becoming a successful author. I sometimes daydream about being interviewed and asked the question, “What did you do before you became a wildly successful author?”
I thought it would be fun to research what some famous authors did prior to getting their break.
Here’s just a few (In no particular order)

1. J.K. Rowling- was a secretary who daydreamed about a teenage wizard while she was supposed to be working.

2. Suzanne Collins-worked as a writer for the Nickelodeon television shows.

3. Stephen King-was a high school English teacher

4. Mark Twain-was a master riverboat pilot on the Mississippi River

5. E.L.Konigsburg-was a bookkeeper at a meat plant

6. Kate DiCamillo-worked at a book warehouse

7. Ernest Hemingway-was a World War 1 ambulance driver

8. Jodi Piccoult- Edited textbooks and was an eighth grade English teacher


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Aiming For Completion

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Happy First of April. Today starts the a to z writing challenge. I’m so excited to blog hop and reconnect with the great people I met last year. This challenge couldn’t have come at a better time for me. You see, I’ve been so busy with family, work, edits and writing, that my blog was forced to suffer due to lack of time. But today that changes. I’m back and ready to blog every day for the month of April. My goal is to complete the full challenge this year. Last year I was going strong but then my computer decided to kick the bucket. After the demise of my laptop, I did one post from my phone but then unfortunately threw in the towel. This year I plan on making it all the way to z. So today in honor of the letter A I have decided to make my word AIM.
In addition to this challenge, I’m aiming for a few more things.
1. To finish the edits on my synopsis so I can submit requested material. (I really dislike writing a synopsis but am happy that I managed to do so)
2. To obtain an agent by summer’s end. (It could happen right?)
3. To visit as many blogs as possible during this month.
What are you aiming for this month?


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