Chicken Soup For My Soul


On June 8th 2005 my father died. On September 15th 2005 I, along with my sisters went to see a world renowned medium. My father connected with us and it became an experience that will remain with me for the rest of my life. On January 1rst 2009 while browsing through writer sites, I stumbled upon a call for submissions. Chicken Soup for the Soul was looking for submissions regarding miraculous messages from heaven. I remember sitting at my kitchen table feeling excited and thinking, this is meant to be. I typed my story and sent it on its way. I was so confident that my story was meant to be a part of this book that I wrote down the day in my journal.
After a few months went by I chalked it up to another rejection. After a few years went by I forgot I sent the story.
Long before I started blogging here at Writing Like Crazy, I blogged on Moments to Memories(my first blog). Moments to Memories was all about occurrences in life. My most favorite thing about that blog was that my father often commented. When I want to hear his voice through his words I go back to my original blog and read his comments. When I was writing posts for Moments to Memories, it wasn’t uncommon to be alerted of a comment someone left but as I stopped posting the comments stopped coming.
So, this week when I received an e-mail stating there was a new comment on Moments to Memories I thought for sure it was a spam comment. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the comment…We are looking for a Maribeth Graham who submitted a story to Chicken Soup for The Soul. I immediately thought it was some type of mistake, I sent that story four years ago.
I was excited but hesitantly so. But sure enough when I contacted the woman, it was me they were looking for.M my story was selected to be part of the new Chicken Soup for Soul book coming out this October.
I was at a low point. I was thinking that my dreams were probably never going to come true. That e-mail was exactly what I needed to keep moving forward. It was as if God heard my doubts and said I better throw her a bone so she doesn’t give up. There is a plan for me. Sometimes when we think there is nothing to come an undeniable sign bursts onto the scene.
We don’t know what will be but if we don’t keep trying it won’t be what it could be.


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2 responses to “Chicken Soup For My Soul

  1. Congratulations. I’ve heard about a few other acceptances that take place years after submission. This is a wonderful, uplifting outcome.

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