Last night I went to see Catching Fire. As I sat there and watched the characters I read about come to life on the big screen, I thought about the characters I’ve created.
This post isn’t about the movie, even though I will say I enjoyed it. It’s about what happens to a writer when they sit down in a movie theatre. Yes, they are excited just like everyone else to see their favorite books become movies or the previews they watched for months finally become the movie. But, there is something else going on in their minds. They are imagining their creations being brought to life, they are envisioning their names across the screen, they are fantasizing about the emotions that will fill their bodies and surround their soul.
I watched the previews, I laughed at a few, but within seconds I felt my mind drift. I was outside the theatre watching droves of people sprint up the steps, scurry into the lobby and wait in a line that extends to the snack bar for the movie that’s based on the book I wrote.
I watched their reactions to try and get a sense of what they were thinking. I stared silently at them during the sad and funny parts to see if they responded the way I hoped.
I waited for the credits to roll and the lights to come on, and then I eavesdropped on their conversations. I imagined their words to be positive. I cringed when I thought I heard someone say it sucked.
The daydream I had, covered all scenarios but only took up a few seconds of my time. Before I knew it I was once again focused on the screen in the theatre. I was anticipating the battle Katniss was about to face and I was hoping that at the end I would be satisfied.
Our creations may never hit the movie theatres but our dreams of our stories becoming recognized must never dimmer. We are the characters in our own life, so why not imagine great things happening.


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  1. Thanks for the post. I thought I might be the only one who imagines the thrill of seeing characters come to life on the screen. I tried to explain this to the family after watching Catching Fire and I sensed the familiar–yup, there she goes again with that writerly stuff.

    • Maribeth

      It’s funny that you were thinking the same way I was watching the same movie. Lol. I get you even if your family doesn’t. “)

  2. I also watch for people’s reactions. We are participating in other people’s dreams and taking apart their work.

    • Maribeth

      Thanks Medeia, I also found myself thinking about Suzanne Collins watching it and what she was feeling. Always great to see your comments. 🙂

  3. I find that when I go to a movie based on a book that I love, it rejuvenates my spirit for writing. Imagining your creation on the big screen is something I’m sure all writers do. It’s actually a great technique to improving your craft. These are the things that inspire us to go on through the ups and downs of this journey. Keep imagining your story up on the big screen. I have a feeling you’ll be watching your name in those credits some day.

    • Maribeth

      Aah, thanks Renee, that means a lot to me. I feel the same way about your writing. We got to Dream Big girl. That’s my motto for this year!

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