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You Don’t Know Until You Know

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Every writer has their own method of story planning. I’m a plotter and an outliner. The whole story tends to present itself to me once the idea pops into my mind. Within minutes I know how it begins, how it ends, character names, settings and challenges which will be faced.

Even though I can spend an entire day writing down the idea that seemed to come to me instantaneously, I don’t know at the time what else will pop up.

One of my favorite things about writing is the mystery of what will be. The idea is not the heart. Often writers have a vision of what’s going to happen throughout the tale but then a situation arises and the story takes a new direction. I love when these moments happen. It makes me feel as if I’m merely a vessel for something bigger. I’m the one typing the words but the story itself is whispering in my ear.

In the first middle grade novel I wrote, one of the characters rode a bike with a horn. I didn’t know the significance of the horn until almost the end of the book. When it came together it made perfect sense but it was not something I outlined, it just happened and it was perfect. I’d have to rank those occasions as one of my top ten favorite things about writing.

Below are the other nine. What is one of your favorite things that happen during the writing process or makes you love being a writer?

The Other Nine:

1. Becoming Inspired

2. Coming up with unique premises

3. Editing (Yes, I love to edit!)

4. Naming characters

5. Plotting and Outlining

6. Researching

7. Daydreaming about my stories

8. Conversations with other writers

9. Typing -The End

Finally, as promised (see previous blog post) I opened up my copy of the Writer’s First Aid by Kristi Holl to a random page and saw the word Simplify.

Kristi stresses the importance of simplifying your writing schedule. She suggests assigning specific times of the day to do things such as answer e-mails, check e-mails, and sorting through snail mail. I’ll add surfing the web and visiting social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and countless others. Set up one or two times a day where you allow yourself to do these things. Your writing time shouldn’t be interrupted. This tip will help keep you writing without becoming distracted.

Happy Writing, may your words flow freely!


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