In our corner of the world we are writers. We chat about are works in progress, our submissions, our insecurities and our high hopes. We share so much of ourselves with each other through our words but yet we rarely talk about our day jobs. Sure, we might mention wanting to one day quit them to write full time, but the conversation usually stops there.
Some of us have been reading each other’s blogs and leaving comments for years yet we have no idea what each other do for a paycheck during the hours we aren’t writing.
I like that here in cyber world we are solely writers, but for today’s a to z challenge I thought it would be fun if we share what our occupations are with each other.
Do you spend your day in a classroom teaching economics? Are you a teller at bank? A hairdresser? A doctor? A scientist?
My forty hours a week are spent inside a casino. It’s a fun job. I’m what they call a dual rate. I’m a dealer certain days and other days, I’m a supervisor. I work with numbers during the day and words at night. I find it to be a nice balance but I’d prefer to write full time and deal part time.

Do you hope to one day quit your day job to write full time or is writing your hobby?


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24 responses to “DAY JOBS (A TO Z)

  1. Well, currently I’m a full-time student. But I used to work in admin and before that I was a dog groomer. I’m much more suited to admin than the physical nature of dig grooming. Give me stationary and I’m happy.

  2. I worked with numbers too. I was employed in the financial services industry for 20 years as Controller/CFO. The hours were very demanding and I felt like my kids were suffering for it. Fortunately I was able to quit. My kids are much happier now and I’m finally pursuing what I love 🙂

    • Maribeth

      Good for you. I love when people go after their dream I stayed at home up until 4 years ago. I long for the days where all that was required of me was to be Mommy. Those days writing time was much more abundant. I hope to get back to that place. Melissa, tHank you so much for stopping by.

  3. I’m a teacher, but I’m hoping that in a few years I write full-time.

  4. In my day job I’m….a writer! And sometimes an editor. But it doesn’t provide the kind of inputs that working in a casino would. Wow, you must see a lot of different characters there.

    • Maribeth

      I definitely have an unlimited amount of characters and they are very diverse. I do love my day job but I’d still give it up to be a full time writer. What do you write? Thanks for commenting. 🙂

      • I write science educational materials for grades K-12. We used to call it textbooks, but most of it isn’t in textbooks anymore. It’s in kits, supplemental books, online, etc.

      • Maribeth

        Nice you have a huge part in helping out children become smarter. Thank you:)

  5. I am a fellow writer stopping by on the 5th day of the #atozchallenge and here you are. Delighted to scroll on down as I continued to read your posts. Wonderful information delivered with great clarity and worth following. A nice surprise as I’ve looked at over 150 blogs so far and my notes say, ‘not interested.’ If you have tine or interest, I’m writing about gardening and related things this month. Come and visit. Congratulations on this worthwhile blog.

    • Maribeth

      Wow what a nice comment. I’m blushing over here. I certainly will stop by your blog. Thank you so much for commenting. I hope to see more comments from you in the future. 🙂

  6. I teach first grade during the day and collapse from exhaustion at night. Most of my writing has to happen on the weekends because of the mental and physical demands of my job. But the rewards are many and I do love my weekends, so I guess for now it’s a good balance.

  7. This is a cool idea. 🙂 I’m a barista at a small individually owned cafe. It’s not the most glamorous job, but it’s a lot of fun, and useful to my writing because I get to chat with all manners of people. Inspiration for characters isn’t far doing this job! Also I love coffee so much. 😉 Really enjoying your blog!

  8. J. L. Lincicome

    I’m a massage therapist with a BA in english, dreaming of breaking into the children’s market. 🙂

  9. I used to be a psychologist (scratch that — once a psychologist, always a psychologist 😉 ). I gave up all of that “fun” to be a full-time mom (my best job ever!) who writes on the side (second-best job ever!). As the kids have grown, I’ve been able to cobble together a satisfying freelance career writing for educational companies.

    I love your blog, Maribeth! And I envy your casino character study opportunities!

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