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If you’re a writer then consider joining a writing group. Writing groups offer support, provide information, alert you to writing events such as conferences, meet and greets etc.
You can find a writing group whether you write picture books, science fiction, poetry or romance novels. There are groups for every type of writer. Below are a few that may interest you.
Do you belong to a writing group or organization?

SCBWI– (Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators) One of the largest international organization for children writers. The SCBWI provides valuable information for writers, organizes two annual international conferences and has over seventy regional chapters which host their own conferences. Members of the SCBWI can apply for scholarships and grants. Click here to read more about the SCBWI.

Writers Café-An online community that allows writers to post their work, receive reviews, meet other writers, enter contests and enroll in writing courses.

SFWA (SCIENCE FICTION WRITERS OF AMERICA)-An organization dedicated to science fiction and fantasy writers. You can participate in the discussion boards and get acquainted with other sci-fi/fantasy writers. Ray Bradbury is just one of the popular sci-fi authors who was a member of this organization.

AMERICAN CHRISTIAN FICTION WRITERS-An organization for Christian fiction writers. You can find critique groups and online workshops,blogs, and conference information on their website

MYSTERY WRITERS OF AMERICA- An organization dedicated to crime writers. They give out Edgar Awards each spring. If you are interested in writing crime this is the organization to join.

ROMANCE WRITERS OF AMERICA (RWA)-Do you write romance novels or hope to one day? If you do then you want to check out this growing organization. Each year it holds a “Reader’s for Life,” Literacy Autographing. The money collected is used for literacy organizations.

I’d love to hear more about the communities you are a part of. How did you hear about your organization and how has it benefited you?


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