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I’m always interested in learning new words. When I’m reading a story and come across a word that is unfamiliar I get excited. Expanding our vocabulary is one of the best gifts that come from reading.

For today’s post, I’m listing ten unusual words that begin with M which I found from a site called The Phrontistery.

1. Mantology- Fortune Telling

2. Mandament-Command or order

3. Martext- Ignorant Preacher

4. Molochize- To sacrifice

5. Multipotent- Having the power to do many things

6. Mabsoot-Happy

7. Mow- To make a grimace

8. Muchity- Great size or bulk

9. Mulism- obstinate quirk or habit

10. Medius- The middle finger

To view more unusual M words click on the link above. Can you use one of these words in a sentence?


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Yesterday I was busy going to softball and baseball games. I (like many of you) have very little extra time during the day (especially given the fact I work the grave shift) so when a day like yesterday occurs (two back to back games) I find it difficult to write. I missed the L post for A to Z but decided I will post something I wrote four years ago. The topic is still relevant and it happens to be an L so I thought why not. Later today, I will put up my “M” post.

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I have random pieces of paper with lipstick kisses scattered wherever I frequent. There are lipstick kisses on the back of envelopes and napkins in the console of my car. My dresser has a few receipts painted with my lip impressions. Toilet paper sheets with my pucker stamp lie amongst the junk and waste in my garbage can.

How does lipstick kisses relate to writing? I’m not sure I would have connected the two myself if it wasn’t for a comment made by a friend the other day.

“I like you without eye shadow,” says friend.

“I like eye shadow. I like make-up,” says me.

The words left my mouth and then it hit me. Editing your work is like kissing an envelope. You need to get rid of the excess in order to look your best.
I tend to overwrite. I love to overwrite. But, I am aware that to become the best writer that I can be, I need to smudge out some of the words that flood my paper. If I don’t blot out the wordiness I risk looking like I tried too hard or not hard enough.

Can wordiness be the kiss of death? Do you have editing tips that you would like to share?


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