A2Z-BADGE-000 [2014]

I’m writing about questions for today’s “Q” challenge.

If you’re a writer, chances are you’ve talked to yourself a few times. We are filled with good days and bad days. Some days we feel like we can take on the world and other days we feel like we are wasting time, chasing dreams and writing nonsense. We question what we’re doing and why we are doing it. Below are just a few questions writers ask themselves. Have you ever asked yourself any of these?


1. What am I wasting my time for?
2. Am I good enough?
3. What if no one ever reads my work?
4. What if I become published?
5. Who am I kidding?
6. Where is this story going?
7. Who will I thank if I do get my book published?
8. Where am I going to find the time to write?
9. Is there a purpose to my writing or not?
10. Should I give up?

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  1. Yes! All of the time! I have such big dreams for my writing but I often feel like I do not have the patience or that I’m not a good enough writer. That’s when I take a break and READ books and remind myself that authors don’t all have the same skill set, the trick is to believe in yourself and pursue your dream fully.

    • Maribeth

      I often try to remind myself that even the most successful authors doubted themselves at one time. Thanks for commenting! Keep Writing. 🙂

  2. Ugh. All of these lol 😛 But I tell my brain to shut up and write!

    • Maribeth

      I try to tell my brain to shut up too sometimes it listens and then nothing comes to mind. I’m at that spot right now.

  3. I ask myself several of these questions all the time, as I’m sure all writers do. That’s why a sense of community and knowing you’re not alone in the doubt is so important. There are successful people out there who were once where you are now. Never give up!

  4. Ain’t it the truth! Then I suck on another piece of chocolate and keep writing!

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