How’s Your Writing Going?

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April fried my blog writing brain. I took a month or so off from posting but I’m back. When it comes to blog writing, I like to be inspired. The thirty day challenge used up a lot of the ideas I had stored away in the blog post bank. So, I allowed my mind to chill and waited for my next post to surface.

Here in the writing world, it’s easy to share our accomplishments, rejections, ideas and everything else writing related. We get each other! But, sometimes it’s the people outside of the writing world that impact our thoughts and push us to become the person they believe we will be.

My family, circle of friends, co-workers and many acquaintances know by now that I’m a writer with a dream. Everyone is encouraging and supportive. They keep me in check and won’t allow me to give up (not that I ever plan on giving up).

Today, a co-worker asked me a question that she asks often, “How’s your writing going?” I know by now what she’s really asking is, Are you working hard to make your dream a reality?
There were times in the past that I would answer this question by saying, “This week has been busy.” Each time I’d give her this response, her eyebrow would raise and she’d give me this look that summed up her thoughts. I’m pretty sure she was thinking, Excuses won’t get you to the top. (Or something similar)

I’ve shared my dream with others. I’ve allowed them to read my work. They’ve crossed their fingers for me when I told them I got requests. They wrapped their arms around me when I became discouraged, but never once did they stop believing that I have the ability to become successful. There’s something that happens when you know someone else believes in you. You start believing in yourself. You begin fighting harder and when you feel knocked down you get up because you want to be able to respond with “I’m fighting hard,” when they ask you “How’s your writing going?
I’m a dreamer but with a little help and encouragement from my friends I’m determined to be the one telling others Yes, dreams do come true.

How’s your writing going?


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6 responses to “How’s Your Writing Going?

  1. I was (and at times still am) the master of the “This week has been busy” line. To be honest I probably should have trademarked it by now 🙂
    I’m glad you have people near that are encouraging and pushing you! Good luck!

    • Maribeth

      When we aren’t lucky enough to be able to write full time saying “This week has been busy,” isn’t a lie. We just have to try and be a little bit more diligent so we can say “This week has been busy but I did find time to write.” :}

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. It’s great to share our writing with others. For a long time I kept it to myself. Once it was out, being subbed, and better yet, being read by a critique group, I had an increased desire to master the craft and get published.

  3. Writing often takes a back seat to other things in my life as well. Unfortunately, for now, it’s not even in the vehicle. Some times are busier than others and the unexpected pops up just when you think you are starting to get some control. I’m glad you’re finding the time to devote to your passion. That’s such an important part of life that often gets ignored. I’m still searching for mine, but hopefully writing will always be a part of my life. Good luck!

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