Daily Archives: June 18, 2015



A young man died yesterday. He wasn’t someone I knew well but there are others who loved him deeply. It was a sudden unexpected death. Death is always hard but the ones that come like a thief in the night stab a little deeper. The void felt from the disappearance of a bright smile or the absence of a contagious laugh leaves a quietness that is more powerful that any sound near. People cry for the loss of a great friend, a brother, a co-worker, a son. Strangers mourn because they understand that any given moment they or someone they love can be gone too.

There are not words to write that will take away the grief. There is no one person who can make it all better. There is just this tiny hope that through this most difficult time there will be a moment, a symbol, a feeling experienced that makes us believe they are still with us even though they can no longer be kissed, hugged or spoken to.

Our days are not promised, and when you are young and excited to live that’s unfortunate. No, I will not claim to have known this boy but I do know he left a lasting impression on a sea of people. His light seemed bright and it’s nice to know that he impacted people he didn’t even know. That’s an accomplishment some will never achieve.


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